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Police were caught on camera appearing to not be adhering to the social distancing rules

London’s mayor has expressed concern after videos appeared to show police failing to observe social distancing rules.

Met Officers were filmed taking part in the ‘Clap for Carers’ on a crowded Westminster Bridge on Thursday.

“While many people adhered to social distancing guidance, it appears that some did not,” the Met said.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said it was “not unreasonable” for the public to query how this could happen.

The Met added: “We regularly remind our officers of the importance of social distancing, where practical.”

However, a video posted by Damir Rafi appeared to show many police and members of the public ignoring the regulations.

Mr Khan told LBC Radio.: “I am equally concerned that the social distancing rules don’t seem to have been observed.

“I suspect, and I have no confirmation, that the Met and London Ambulance Service will be asking these kind of questions in relation to this.

“The police have a difficult job to make sure the rules are observed and I think they will both be asking questions,” Mr Khan added.

Met commissioner, Dame Cressida Dick, who was filmed clapping on Westminster Bridge, can clearly be seen observing the two meter distancing guidelines, but officers at another part of the bridge were not.

Downing Street has now intervened after a plethora of comments on social media criticising the police who did not observe the distancing rules.

“We would ask that everyone takes responsibility and adheres to social distancing rules so that we can safely show our appreciation for those who are working so hard to fight coronavirus,” said the Prime Minister’s official spokesman.

Former Met and Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner was also critical.

“This is about persuading the public to stay at home to save lives.

“How much better if the commissioner had just walked around the corner into one of the estates at eight o’clock and started clapping?” he said.

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